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SHAREit Download for PC, APK, Android & iPhone | SHAREit App: Sharing has always been a pain, when it comes to sharing files like Mp3’s or video files or even a simple doc file, through any of your devices. It was rather a complicated task that involved cables and wires which made it rather irritating. Then with the coming of USB 3.0, still the problem of tangling wires was not solved.

Shareit for PC Download

And then comes the Bluetooth. However, android did make the wires go away but lagged in speed, which made it more time consuming. And these days everyone is busy matching up with the fast pace of life, no one can wait five minutes to transfer a file of 6 MB.

So what one needed was an app that could provide a cable-free sharing of files and that too at high speed. Many people would today be aware of Shareit APK download as it has gone viral because if it features that allows to share files within few seconds and you can share files irrespective of its size.

The app lets you share files at a rate of 20 MBps transfer speed that means you need not wait for minutes to transfer your files. Be it an HD movie of 1 GB, the app will take less than two minutes to share the file on your device.

It does not require any cables or USB and even it does not need the internet connect too as it makes a direct Wi-Fi connection with the other device that makes the transferring of files smooth and easy. All you need is to have the application downloaded and installed on your device.

A phone without Shareit would certainly be a problem, as Shareit app allows you to share files from any device possessing the app. For say you just lost your important application from your phone and you require the app urgently for your work. The place you are may have slow internet connection then with the help of Shareit you can transfer the app onto your phone either via PC or any other person having the same app. Just with a condition that the other device must have the SHAREit APK installed in it!

Since the app is available on the Android Play store and as well as on the Apple app store, you might think that you may need an Android emulator to transfer the file on PC but due to its immense popularity the application was made available for laptops and PC / Mac too.

The app is available to download Android Smartphone just follow the step by step procedure-

How to download the Shareit app on your Android phone?

  • Shareit has been easily available on the play store.
  • You can visit the play store and type Shareit and download the application.
  • Since you have downloaded the application you need to install.
  • As soon as the application is being installed then you need to open it and enter a username.
  • A verification code will be sent to the phone number you might have entered for the verification.
  • Just enter a reliable username, you can also choose a nice display picture if you wish and your SHAREit app profile is made.

Shareit Apk for Android

The process to download the app on iOS is also same as for android except you need to verify your apple ID.

How to download Share it on iPhone and iPad?

You just need to follow the simple rules and you are ready to go

  • Open up the app store.
  • Then you need to type Shareit as soon as you see the blue icon double click on it and hit get.
  • You will be asked to verify your Apple Id for the same therefore you need to type the password and the download will begin.
  • Once the application is downloaded install and you are ready to enjoy sharing files via Shareit.

Download Shareit for iPhone

Why have Shareit on personal computers? SHAREit for PC

Shareit for PC has been very useful as it is certain that you share files on PC to clear out the space from your phones and while transferring huge files be it a movie or any document or any other specific file you used to wait much longer for the tedious and time-consuming process but with the help of SHAREit for PC you transfer the files without any hassle. Also if you have already been looking to the procedure for downloading the application on a computer without using any Android Emulators like Bluestacks, and then follow the given steps below:

  • Visit the official website of Shareit.
  • You will now see the option of free download tab at the top of the page.
  • Then click on it and wait for it to download.
  • Once the file is downloaded then open the file and approve the license agreement. Once you have approved the license, the file will be installed and you can start using the application on your computers.

How to install the app using Android Emulator?

An android emulator is a necessary medium to transfer the files from your phone to PC and from your PC to phone. You can easily share any file from Pc to your device irrespective of the size. Before transferring the files make sure that your phone has enough space. The best offline emulator is Bluestacks; you can also have an online emulator that is Manymo. But it is better to stick with Bluestacks.

  • The first step is to download the software on your PC. And then you need to install the Android emulator.
  • Once done now open the play store of the android emulator and in the search box type Shareit.
  • You will see a blue icon double click on it and download the application.
  • Once the application is download wait for it to install and run the app on PC.
  • After the installation, there are some features that should be taken care of like 512MB of RAM available.
  • 50MB of free space.
  • You can easily find on application store of your phone and for PC you can visit the official website.

Shareit for PC Windows

Happy Sharing!

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